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well as the supplementary Privacy Policy are part. Congrats, you just bought some bitcoins in your VirWoX wallet, you can transfer these bitcoins to another Dogecoin exchange wallet. Just follow the following instructions and youll be able to purchase some Dogecoins. Upon placing an Order the Customer's information will be recorded in the Phoenix customer database. 6.8 The Customer declares that: the Cryptocurrency he offers have been legitimately acquired; he is the legal owner of the bank account he has specified to be used in this transaction, and he has truthfully entered all the required data and information. Order: The Customer's instruction to Phoenix to buy or sell Cryptocurrencies. 4.2 Delivery by the Customer of the Cryptocurrency sold to Phoenix is executed by sending such Cryptocurrency to the Wallet address provided by Phoenix. OK or Read More. 7.2 All prices and data published on the Website are subject to the possibility of misprint, due to either Phoenix or a third party. The cryptocurrency itself is not in the wallet but decentrally stored and maintained in a publicly available ledger (the blockchain).

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5.11 In case a Blockchain Split or Hard Fork occurs: Phoenix is not obliged to support both chains and corresponding Cryptocurrencies, unless and until Phoenix announces such support on the Website; and an Order has been created by the Customer, the Customer can not claim. The selling value of a transaction is expressed as the amount of the Cryptocurrency at the moment the Order is successfully placed in the Account. 6.10 In case Phoenix does not receive the full amount of Cryptocurrency at the specified Wallet address for the Order to sell, then: If the received amount of Cryptocurrency is up to (and including) 20 less than the original Order amount, the Order will automatically. 2017 Year-in-Review Cryptocurrency Report, click here to view the report. By clicking the Buy button and confirming having read the additional warning, the Offer is set for a twenty (20) minute timeframe. 12 Applicable law/jurisdiction.1 The Agreement and General Terms are subject to Dutch law. Dogecoin was started as a joke but it has seen gigantic attention since its debut on December 8th. There are two options to trade SLL for Bitcoins :. Phoenix: Phoenix Payments.V., a limited liability company, established under Dutch law, residing in Veghel, The Netherlands and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, number 59466197, and all of its present and future subsidiaries. It's really that simple! Dogecoin uses Scrypt encryption meaning it is similar to Litecoin but Dogecoin has a massive 100 billion coin generation limit. Within such timeframe the following actions must be taken to complete the order for the indicated amount of Cryptocurrency: follow all payment instructions and check if the payment has been debited from the Customer's bank account; and click the green button to confirm the payment.