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users to validate transactions; and (2) to reward them for trying to help validate transactions. They use a three month cookie, so if somebody visits their site through your link they will be classed as your referral if they register at any point over the next three months. With bitcoin people are actually in control on their own money. These are affiliate programs which either pay out in BTC, appeal primarily to users of digital currency, or (usually) both. While the rules of Bitcoin are simple and easy to understand, that doesnt mean that its easy to understand all the consequences of the rules. In particular, suppose we reward whoever successfully validates a block of transactions by crediting them with some infocoins. So typically the block chain is just a linear chain of blocks of transactions, one after the other, with later blocks each containing a pointer to the immediately prior block: Occasionally, a fork will appear in the block chain. Of course, I dont want to send you the entire.2 bitcoins.

The blockchain stores all the wallet addresses, transactions, miner power and. What you do is tell your wallet program to generate a Bitcoin address. If accepted into their program, you simply place a unique affiliate tracking URL within your website, blog, social accounts (such as Facebook or Twitter) or anywhere else you can embed a link. The benefit of making it costly to validate transactions is that validation can no longer be influenced by the number of network identities someone controls, but only by the total computational power they can bring to bear on validation. Thats fun, but severely limits your understanding. You can read a little more about coinbase transactions here. Other participants in the Infocoin network can verify that is a valid solution to the proof-of-work puzzle.