pizza bitcoin day

new video cards. Cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacture Ledger even released a special pizza day edition of its classic Nano S wallet, which is limited to 1,337 units. But while arguments over blocksize, asic mining, and initial coin offerings may frequently divide us, Bitcoin Pizza Day buch binäre optionen provides us with an opportunity to focus on what unites us a passion for cryptocurrency and a love of good pizza. CoinMap curates a non-exhaustive list). Organized on bitcointalk forum, the Florida man reached out for help. Bitcoin transaction, in which a Florida man paid for two pizzas with the cryptocurrency. Today, those coins are worth nearly 82 million. See all of the best photos of the week in these slideshows.

Pizza bitcoin day
pizza bitcoin day

pizza bitcoin day

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(See also: Basics For Buying And Investing In Bitcoin since the inception of Bitcoin, Hanyeczs' pizzas have got more and more expensive. A British man took up Hanyecz's offer and bought the two pizzas for him in exchange for the 10,000 Bitcoins. The day has become part of folklore, not because of the transaction, but more the price: the man in question paid 10,000 Bitcoins, which today is worth over 80 million, for the two pizzas. It is believed that the purchase of a couple of pizzas, requested by a man called Laszlo Hanyecz, was the first real-world use of bitcoin as a payment system. On this day in 2010, Florida-based programmer and early cryptocurrency enthusiast Laszlo Hanyecz enshrined his name in bitcoin lore by paying someone 10,000 bitcoins to order him two pizzas from his local Papa Johns restaurant. Dont worry, the going rate is no longer 10,000 BTC. Im starting to really regret not keeping chat logs of the event, as I clearly remember Domino's pizza (right down to their particular web interface but the pictures show Papa Johns, he noted. Looking back, he stated: Retrospectively, simply having that much bitcoin in one place is quite a crazy thought.

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