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are having trouble choosing, here is some smooth jazz while you mull it over. Then under the console tab if your wallet is encrypted with a passphrase, you will need to enter the following before you can go any further. It just moves the funds from the address into Exodus and this transfer has transactions fees. If you are using Windows or Linux, it can be accessed by pressing. Electrum is by far the simplest way to do this. Once it is finally done, we should finally see our balance of one Litecoin successfully imported and ready to be spent. In turn, this will then bring up that specific wallet's private key. We can do so by typing wallet passphrase followed by our passphrase and the number 60 to gain access. So your paper wallet private key is never loaded into the wallet.

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What is a private key? Simply enter it and press Enter. Now, in the target path we are going to add space, hyphen, rescan. Org with one Litecoin. All I need to do is scan this code with a QR reader and it will reveal the private key to me just like that. Here, you bitcoin chart lifetime will be asked for the wallet passphrase. Importing private keys into Exodus from another wallet to claim forked coins (. Next turn on your internet if you haven't already downloaded some wallet,. Here, Bitcoin is used as an example; you can substitute for the asset you need. In order to export a key for the core wallet, again, we need to go to help, then the export console. Otherwise, just leave it blank.