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capital you can invest. Our Managed Futures Broker services start with one of our brokers conducting a one on one session to help you select a CTA or portfolio of CTAs that best fits with your investing goals and risk tolerance. Track managers with your Watchlist. Past performance IS NOT necessarily indicative OF future results. An incentive fee is based on the CTAs performance. Past performance IS NOT indicative OF future results. We spare no effort in finding CTAs that we feel offers the potential for good returns while also employing good risk management strategies. If you do not already have a self-directed IRA which accepts futures trading, you will have to open one with a trust custodian that does. BE advised that AN individual cannot invest IN THE index itself AND THE actual rates OF return FOR AN individual program MAY significantly differ AND BE more volatile than THE index.

GET started NOW, a veteran trader and systems specialist will contact you shortly. We will show you our entire list of approved CTA's, their track records and present a portfolio selection giving a full explanation of the bitcoin einkommenssteuer strategies used and the risks and potential rewards involved. May limit losses due to a combination of flexibility and discipline. Ask us for trade-by-trade analysis. Call US email protected, markets Traded, systems Available, backtested live, review our systems back tested performance as well as the live trading history. The document is required by the NFA and cftc and describes the fees, trading program, procedures for entry and exit, past performance and rules for the overall trading program. Read Full Report Why Managed Futures? They can also be used in a variety of retirement plans including IRAs, trusts and pensions. Furthermore, a summary of all transactions showing their results are sent each month for the entire months transactions.