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(fear of missing out) is real. This might tip the scales in ETHs favor, but I do not believe this is a winner take all, zero sum game. The Most Advanced Cryptocurrency APP, alerts, Charts, Coin Query, Coin Tracker, True Gain/Loss Calculation.

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Net Worth, advanced Alerts, market Data, fOMO Calculator. Bitcoin Google Community, bitcoin Stack Exchange, bitcoin Magazine. If I had to choose, I think ETH is not only at parity to BTC in its ability to store and transmit value, but is also the underpinning for additional value-add networks to be built on top of it, in any industry. Some people have been re-calculating the worth of historical Bitcoin heists, others have lamented how wie viele bitcoins gibt es momentan much they paid for literal horse shit in Bitcoin, or how much alpaca socks cost in 2011. The original 2014 issuance model, stated a projection of 162M ETH in circulation in 2020, however /u/manly_ pointed out that Vitalik has said it would be closer to 100M, so for our rough math well use 100M ETH. Im not saying my projections are correct either, I simply want to put into world how I foresee the value of ETH/BTC, where I get my justification for holding long-term, and how I am at peace during fomo or any other market volatility.