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when you share your blog post into various bitcoin related communities/forums, it is less likely to be taken as spam affiliate link promotions. All these apps have a referral program, which means when someone will join under your referral link, your earning will become double. How to get the referral? Different mining services provide various rates of share in cloud mining. Moonbitcoin 350 Satoshi 0 Weekly Direct Instant Xapo join 3 Bitcoinker Satoshi 0 Weekly Direct join 4 FaucetGame 300-375 Satoshi 15 Min huge xapo bitcoins auszahlen earning potential from games! Post Bonus How to increase your referral earnings Earning from these methods mentioned above, are far more powerful if you take advantage of earning referral bonus, by referring others to these sites.

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If you are new to sharing referral links, take every precaution that you are not flagged as a spammer. Download a Bitcoin wallet: (might take you a while because currently, the download size is around 15 GB). Add your link to your profile signatures in your favorite forums, provide the forum rules allow. No bank account required. How to Get Free Wallet: The first thing you need to know: In order to earn free bitcoins, you need a wallet. OR, once you have a wallet, you also get your Bitcoin address. Can a non-tech person invest in Bitcoin Cloud Mining services and make some money over time? Technically, this is not a free method, because it involves initial investment. How can this business pay this much? These extra steps, save you from being labeled as a spammer, and they create lasting ways for new people to become your referrals.