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the Litecoin Cash name simply because it has become customary in recent months for a coin which forks a blockchain to prefix its name with the name of the coin being forked. If you use a Ledger, the simplest solution is to move funds from your Ledger to a desktop wallet, just until the fork block happens. 10:1 Claim Ratio - For every 1 LTC you held at the fork block, you can claim 10 LCC. Come and meet him on our official social media channels! You can buy and sell LTC instantly with their easy to use interface. Or just want to help Litecoin Cash become the next breakout cryptocurrency?

For one thing, you'll need to reinitialize your Ledger wallet in order to practice safe forking. Express: Litecoin cash price live : Litecoin fork value surges - why is Litecoin Cash rising? Get Litecoin price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info. Litecoin Social Media Feeds.

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This provides more predictable block times as well as network protection from multipool hopping. Anyone holding Litecoin at block 1371111 will have 10X as much Litecoin Cash. Ways to get Litecoin 243, mining and other cryptocurrency litecoin is a very good option for a living, if you look, and be able to take the place in this niche. Sundancer Developer Sundancer has been actively involved in software development and architecture for the last 20 years. Did my wallet need to be unencrypted during the fork? Compared to Bitcoin Cash: Litecoin Cash supports Segwit, and has much faster block times. I only mine LTC, but forex trading tools review rarely claim myself.