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Nitrous's patience was wearing thin. Ariel Zambelich/Wired, when the man known as "The Bitcoin Jesus" got hacked, he didn't go straight to the police. I am part of a wonderful community and you have my back. Advertisement, libertarians have long hailed bitcoin as a way to free the world from the control of big government and big banks. Conspicuous among the many donations made to Antonopoulos is one payment of 37 BTC (550,000). Nitrous had taken control of an old Hotmail account litecoin twitter that belonged to Ver - apparently using public information to answer the email service's security questions - and then he had used it to commandeer the m internet domain, an address used by Ver's computer parts. I am so sorry for having to do this, but it's just what I have." Then Ver responded with a link to a Facebook post offering that 37-bitcoin bounty for information leading to Nitrous's arrest, and Nitrous immediately backed down. What do you think about Andreas Antonopoulos support and Roger Vers criticism? Since learning about the digital currency in 2011, he has traveled the world, speaking at bitcoin conferences and using his bitcoins to back more than a half-dozen startups, including Blockchain, Bitpay, and Ripple. "I think we both know this won't be pleasent sic and let's be honest: there is nothing you can do to have me caught.

This cookie can be deleted if you clear your cookies and browser cache. You show me that I do not walk alone on this path. But with his 37-bitcoin bounty, Ver has given the world's most popular digital currency a new kind of libertarian cred. Images courtesy of Twitter aantonop, fo, and Wikimedia Commons. You reminded me why it is so important to remain optimistic, focused and determined to overcome the cynicism. Antonopoulos defenders were less verbose, instead appearing to speak in numbers and heart with donations now totaling almost 1 million. He merely said he'll pay out the money when Nitrous is arrested for hacking his accounts.