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commands using the wire protocol. Quit Closes the browser and best forex charting software shuts down the ChromeDriver executable that is started when starting the ChromeDriver set_network_conditions( *network_conditions ) Sets Chrome network emulation settings. Args: xcoord: X Coordinate to move. Exception rorInResponseException( response, msg ) Bases: Thrown when an error has occurred on the server side.

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Starts the service and then creates new instance of the driver. Webdriver.WebDriver(, desired_capabilitiesNone, browser_profileNone, proxyNone, keep_aliveFalse, file_detectorNone, optionsNone ) Bases: object Controls a browser by sending commands to a remote server. An empty list if not Usage: elements o) find_elements_by_id( id_ ) Finds a list of elements within this elements children. Returns the response headers. Note, this is not an official documentation. Args: id_ - The id of the elements to be found. While these constants have no meaning in and of themselves, they are used to marshal commands through a service that implements WebDrivers remote wire protocol: accept_alert 'acceptAlert' ADD_cookie 'addCookie' clear_APP_cache 'clearAppCache' clear_element 'clearElement' clear_local_storage 'clearLocalStorage' clear_session_storage 'clearSessionStorage' click 'mouseClick' click_element 'clickElement' close 'close' context_handles 'getContextHandles'. Args: css_selector - CSS selector string, ex: v#home Returns: WebElement - the element if it was found Raises: NoSuchElementException - if the element wasnt found Usage: element find_element_by_id( id_ ) Finds element within this elements children. Get_cookie( name ) Get a single cookie by name. Communicates with the server using the WebDriver wire protocol: _init remote_server_addr, keep_aliveFalse, resolve_ipTrue ) execute( command, params ) Send a command to the remote server. Args: link_text: The text of the elements to be found.

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